Officer/Pastor Gives Own Life to Save Victims of Planned Parenthood Attack

Colorado Springs has been hit with a devastating act of domestic terrorism.

Three have been killed and nine are left injured. As the man who committed the horrendous act, Robert Lewis Dear, is now in police custody, we begin our outpouring of sympathy to the victims and all those affected.

Tweets from Hilary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, President Obama, have all been endearing and supportive of those who lost their lives, and those who gave their lives to protect others. 

However, there are still select few pro life activists who do not share this sentiment. There have been tweets that read harshly and heart breakingly toward the victims. Others even praise the killer for his crimes.

“I have no sympathy for any pregnant female who was injured in the Planned Parenthood shooting that was there ti get an abortion. She deserved it.” Read one tweet in particular sent out by @SlyFlyandHigh



One truly hopes that this twitter user was high. Because he certainly isn’t sly about his blatant misogyny and disregard for human lives. In what state of mind must one be to ignore the actual fully lived, brave, and conscious lives of the women who were involved in this tragedy? You would have to be pretty ridiculously inebriated if you were to tweet praise to a terrorist and put blame on the victims of the situation.

And under that logic, one would assume he may also have no sympathy for the officers who protected the victims and lost their lives. Officers like, Garret Swasey, who lost his life in the attack, and was also a pastor. But have they been free from the blame that pro lifers put on victims because they’re not women? Do pro lifers truly believe that this how these brave officers would like the women they gave their lives for to be remembered?

Abortion is a natural right a woman has over her body. It’s as much of a choice as is your musical preferences. And you did not see a single tweet after the Paris attacks at the Bataclan saying, “Any fan of Eagles of Death Metal deserved that horrific fate. No Sympathy.” No! Because it’s a barbaric way of behaving and that should be obvious. Abortion is no different. Not a single life lost or put at serious risk in the incident deserved any second of it.

Officer Garret Swasey gave his life to protect and save victims of Planned Parenthood attack

Tweets like one from the Washington Post jumped to defend the shooter. Making claims that he was “adrift and alienated.” Rather than being straightforward, and calling him a terrorist—because that is what he is—They would rather paint him as someone we should get to know better. Did the media campaign to give a humanizing subtext to Laquan McDonald, or Mike Brown? No, they focused on their rapping, their “thug life style”, and possible criminal activity, rather than their true humanity. And McDonald and Brown weren’t even given the opportunity to be arrested. Neither did they shoot three officers. Robert Lewis Dear did.



Is this the same treatment we’re giving the victims? Have we heard any news about the women who were working hard, spending the holidays with family, and fully deserving of love and honor as well?

We have spent too long glorifying, humanizing, and trying to get people to sympathize with a terrorist rather than honoring the true victims of this tragedy. We’ve seen multiple headlines with phrases like, “What we know about Robert Dear”. When all we need to know is that he is a terrorist. That’s it.

It should not matter to anyone “how many abortions he prevented” when you take into the considerations the actually living lives Robert Lewis Dear prevented. That’s why it is called “Planned Parenthood” and not “End A Baby Here”. Those women could have gotten the health care provided to them to continue living healthy and productive lives until they went off to do amazing things, like perhaps even one day becoming a mother. And it was taken away from them. By a terrorist. 


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