One Direction to disband?

One Direction to disband?

One Direction started as five teenagers on the X-Factor. Comprised originally of Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and Zayn Malik, the band has been one of the most phenomenal, sensational music outfits of today. The British-Irish boy band went from being from five to four earlier this year when its English-Pakistani member, Zayn Malik, left the group in March of this year. Earlier, they had hit youthful songs like “What Makes You Beautiful” and their music spanned  to “Story of My Life” with many hits that topped charts and were played on countless radio stations. Their recent song “Night Changes” was also a huge hit.

Their first song that did not feature recently departed former member, Zayn Malik, “Drag Me Down”, was introduced recently and it was widely recognized that the members left space for Zayn in the music video of the song. Amidst their success, they have a huge fandom and this fandom is in for an uproarious shock! The band may disband.

That is right. One Direction, according to The Sun, will disband in March for at least a year. The band that formed in 2010 will take a hiatus from its five-year existence to take different pursuits in solo projects. Louis Tomlinson has another project, which is considering he is newly a father.

The band, thus, will not tour to promote their fifth album. They do intend to reconvene together later on, but as for now it is indefinite for how long they will be disbanded.

One Direction to disband?

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