He was shot by Israeli troops who assumed he came to attack them. His family was not informed about the suspicious circumstances leading to his death.
Israeli Police

Palestinian Shot Dead By Israeli Police On His Way to His Last Chemo Session

He was shot by Israeli troops who assumed he came to attack them. His family was not informed about the suspicious circumstances leading to his death.

On his way to his last chemotherapy session, Mohammad-Aamar Jalad, boarded the wrong taxi. Realizing his mistake, Jalad got off and ran towards a taxi going the other direction. Israeli Defense Forces spotted Jalad running and may have assumed he was attacking them so he was shot and wounded.

Jalad spent three months in the Beilinson Hospital in Petah Tikva, mostly in the intensive care unit.

However, the entire time Jalad was bedridden in the hospital, IDF had not bothered to inform his family of his state. His mother was supposed to be allowed to visit him, but even though she came a few times, on all but one occasion, she was not permitted to enter his room, as reported in Haaretz News.

Jalad’s improvement was noticed but he then suddenly died last week.

Palestinian Mohammed Jalad, died of Hodgkin’s lymphoma while in an Israeli prison. Israel’s prison service did not immediately inform Jalad’s family. Jalad was detained last year after Israeli police claimed he attempted a stabbing attack, Jalad was on his was to a chemotherapy session at the time. (Photo: Ramallah News) 

Again, his family was not informed of his passing or why he was shot in the first place. Furthermore, Israel has not returned the body yet.

In his native town of Tul Karm, in the northwestern part of the West Bank, no one believes that Jalad tried to attack soldiers on the way to his last chemo session.

His father is the city’s legendary driving instructor – 45 years behind the wheel – and his grandfather was the first local resident to serve in the Israel Police. A photo of the grandfather in uniform hangs on a wall of Mohammed’s family’s house.

Jalad was only 25-years-old and dreamed of living in the United States. He had even won a U.S. green card through a lottery. However, due to his cancer, he was delayed by fulfilling his dreams.

Now with the carelessness of the Israeli police, Jalad’s dream will never be a reality.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016, was set as the date for the final treatment for Jalad to fight against Hodgkin lymphoma.

After taking the wrong taxi, Jalad ran to hop on another taxi and was shot as he reached the middle of the road – one bullet to the stomach.

Just then, a Palestinian ambulance happened by, taking a patient from Jenin to the Allenby Bridge. The driver, Osama Nazal, wanted to assist him, but the soldiers and police who had arrived in the meantime kept him from evacuating the injured man.

More forces arrived, along with an Israeli ambulance, which took Jalad to Beilinson Hospital. Nazal later told Jalad’s parents that their son was still fully conscious at that time.

Jalad’s family was kept in the dark about the circumstances around his death.

Over those three months, Mohammed’s father was continually denied entry to Israel to visit his son. His wife, Maisir, was issued a permit on four occasions, but on three of them, after making the trip, she was blocked from entering Mohammed’s room by the soldier-warders guarding it, as stated by Haaretz News.

IDF stated that Jalad supposedly had a knife sharpener with him and was going to attack the soldiers. However, suspicions continue to be raised as Israeli police give vague answers about the saddening event.


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