Paris Police Claim an 'Accidental' Rape Against Black Man

Paris Police Claim an ‘Accidental’ Rape Against Black Man

22-year old Theo was assaulted by French policeman who claims the incident was an ‘accident’. Theo was on his way to see a friend when he was stopped by policemen checking people’s ID.

Theo interfered when police officers slapped one of the young people getting their ID checked. The police responded by taking him to a corner near a Paris suburb, where the dehumanizing assault began, as reported by Al Jazeera News.

“I saw him take his baton and he pushed it inside my bottom, voluntarily,” Theo recalls.

“I fell on my stomach. I didn’t have any strength. It was as if my body had left me,” Theo continues.

The police handcuffed Theo and asked him to sit down. He remarked that he couldn’t sit because he could not feel his bottom. The four French policeman then took Theo to their police car where the violence only persisted.

After placing him in the car, they knocked Theo many times and punched him.

“They beat my genitals.”

“They spit on me.”

“They called me negro, b**ch, all names.”

After arriving at the police station, the policeman took Theo to the hospital where he ended up having an operation. The French policemen were immediately suspended.

Paris Police Claim an 'Accidental' Rape Against Black Man
Francois Hollande, the French president, visits Theo in the hospital ©The Sun

One policeman was charged with rape. The other three were charged with deliberate violence.

Because of this degrading assault, Theo now has a 4-inch lesion in his anal canal.

Following the incident, peaceful protests erupted in Theo’s hometown, which soon was interrupted by violence from the police using live bullets. Cars were burned and 26 people were arrested.

Paris Police Claim an 'Accidental' Rape Against Black Man
Rubbish bins and cars were targeted as rioters clashed with cops in Paris. ©The Sun

This incident additionally adds a Black Lives Matter movement in France.

Dorian Chacon, a football coach who lives in Aulnay-sous-Bois, told Al Jazeera: “They’re supposed to protect us. They don’t, they harass us. We don’t feel safe here. They claim this is an accident: they take us for idiots. It’s a total lack of respect.”



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