Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Evacuated After 'Jihadi John' Online Threats

Paris Terror Attacks: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Evacuated After ‘Jihadi John’ Online Threats

An Air France flight has been grounded after a bomb threat was posted on Twitter by an account named after dead terrorist Jihadi John.

Flight AF1741 was scheduled to leave Schipol Airport in Amsterdam for Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris at 2.45pm.

But the plane was grounded and passengers evacuated after a series of threatening tweets from a user calling themselves @jihadijohn8.

“Forget Russia? Wait for what will happen on flight AF1741 from Amsterdam to Paris” the user tweeted.

Earlier they posted: “Yesterday Paris and now @BrusselsAirport and @Schipol will be attacked by our brothers very soon.”

The flight has since been deemed safe and passengers are expected to board again shortly.

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