PartyNextDoor New Album Tracklist Released on Google Play
Via Party's Instagram

Party Next Door To Release New Album Tomorrow

PartyNextDoor’s summer has been filled with OVO Sound Radio appearances and songs with Lil Yachty and Quavo. The rollout for P3 is on its way as the official tracklist was released.

OVO sound has dominated the radio waves and internet waves this summer. With the release of P3 tonight/tomorrow the streak will continue.


1. High Hopes 7:22

2. Don’t Run 4:03

3. Nobody 4:10

4. Not Nice 3:22

5. Only U 2:55

6. Don’t Know How 2:54

7. Problems & Selfless 3:37

8. Temptations 2:43

9. Spiteful 5:35

10. Joy 3:15

11. You’ve Been Missed 4:00

12. Transparency 3:50

13. Brown Skin 3:58

14. 1942 5:41

15. Come and See Me (feat. Drake) 3:55

16. Nothing Easy to Please 4:23

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