Passengers Trapped on Sea World Ride

Sea World: A vacation destination for families to come together and marvel at large water prisons and depressed orcas. But now, it’s taken a step further and become a people prison as well. A SeaWorld Orlando ride went from the “Sky Tower” to “Sky Jail” as it became stuck while passengers were trapped inside. SeaWorld remained in communication with the guests and ride operators. They were all safe, according to Sea World media relations spokesperson. At 3 p.m., it was reported that the passengers said they had “been stuck for two hours and were told it could be some time before they’re back on the ground.” The elevator-like view tower was stuck at half way to the top peak of the ride, which is 400 feet in the air.

The ride is for guest to have an entire view of the whole park. Guests on the ride are welcome to marvel at the massive park expanse, to gaze upon just how big the sea jail is. Guests on the ride this particular afternoon, got a special feature where they get to feel just as trapped as the intelligent sea-animals-turned-circus-performers.

And for an added, even more special bonus, the passengers were attempted to be rescued by Orange County Fire and Rescue with 15 firefighters and select Sea World staff with a rescue bucket! A special bucket no doubt just like the ones they use on the actual animals when they are scooped from their ocean home and plopped into Sea World. The passengers got all that same treatment, for the most truly authentic Sea World experience! What a great tale for them to all tell around the table for Christmas dinner!


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