Paul Hiffmeyer, Disney Photographer, Retiring at 70


Disney is an iconic name in the United States and even worldwide. The enormously influential, tremendously successful conglomerate is often known for its prevalence worldwide, as it permeates new territories continually. Disneyland is the happiest place on earth! Every time I go to Disneyland, I make sure I take numerous pictures to capture the moments that ensue in this majestic place. I, however, will admit I am still not much of a photographer.

Paul Hiffmeyer has retired after documenting, photographically, the iconic and perpetual images that reside in the realms of Disney and not only Disneyland. He retires officially today, having aged 70 at this time. From more simple images like the visitors and the enjoyment and insurmountable love around Disney and the vibes it circulates to less disposable, less commonplace images like moments at the parks and a Mickey Mouse hot air balloon at the Grand Canyon, Hiffmeyer has not failed to create quintessential images that Disney circulates with his craft and talent.

His photography traces back to his younger years, resonating back to his years of childhood with war, and he even explains that he felt incomplete without his camera. His work turned from a hobby and leisure to a profession with Disney.

According to Mark Eades’ article at the Orange County Register, Hiffmeyer plans to explore more of the United States and spend time with grandchildren and his wife.

“When you’re not shooting something as a photographer, you’re always looking around for something else, and when I turned around, it jumped out at me,” he said, as reported by Mark Eades in his article at the Orange County Register.

To watch a video about Hiffmeyer’s favorite photographs from his time photographing for Disney, go onto

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