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How To Do Photography On The Cheap For New Photographers

While becoming a photographer can be the most exciting practices to engage in ,it can also be expensive.As camera gear is usually very expensive ,however much of the rest that acompanies it does not have to be.Being a photographer is all about getting creative about the resources you got and being able to utilize them.Here are a few hijacks on to do photography on the cheap.



For backdrop  or background settings you can use basically anything that’s appealing to the eye.It is preferable to have your subject in front of a textured or background of contrast so they can stand out and create a dynamic sense of movement to the eye.


These background and settings ideas are some of the easiest you can create:


Large roll of paper :usually 10 by 10 can be tapped on any wall and be used as a backdrop for outside studio like shoots.

-Varying size of background depend on subject you are shooting:

  • 26 in x 36 ft: This size is ideal for small items such as micro photography  of jewelry shots or food.
  • 53 in x 36 ft  – This width works for kids,small animals, and headshots .
  • 107 in x 36 ft– This larger width is great for full body portraits, groups and moving subjects.
'80s vintage backdrop
’80s vintage backdrop

Vintage backdrops:Can be found at your local vintage camera shop or bought online.

Cost :($15-45 at cheapest)



Graffiti natural setting background
Natural graffiti background

Natural setting:The cheapest way to shoot a subject would be in a natural setting or background.Preferable spots would be graffiti parks,street art, a textured wall.

cost:zero cost



projected galaxy theme
projected galaxy theme


Project backdrop :using a projector and either a white or solid color wall or a white paper backdrop in a room with no light, you can use a projector that is connected to the internet to project any desirable background you wish to project.

Cost: ranges from price of projector ($30-100 cheapest)



 indoors graffiti backdrop
indoors graffiti backdrop


Paint and illustrate backdrop: Using a large white sheet of paper or canvas paint or illustrate whatever theme you’d like for a your photoshoot if you’re not very creative you can just splash a variation of colors onto white paper (Jackson Pollock style).

Cost:About $30 for art supplies.




Anything funky and vintage works for props!
Anything funky and vintage works for props!



When it comes to posing your subject make sure the subject is comfortable in front of a camera as not everyone you will be shooting will be a professional model.Props can very depending on the atmosphere you are trying to create.


Smoke shot:

Smoke effect created with e-zig
Smoke effect created with e-cig

Smoke shots ,whether it’s artificial or natural smoke it will greatly help create a great dynamic for your shots.

cost:$15-$40 for an e-cig

LED Lights

LED lights
LED strip lights

LED strip lights or Christmas lights, can be used to create alien like futuristic shots .

cost:$5 to$ 20

Other props:Can be anything from your basement such a old hats,coats and more.


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