Police Find 3,700 knives, Satanic Shrine in Florida Woman's Mobile Home

Police Find 3,700 knives, Satanic Shrine in Florida Woman’s Mobile Home

She’s on the cutting edge of crazy.

Police found more than 3,700 knives, swords and blades cluttered inside a freaky Florida woman’s mobile home Tuesday night — and then she took one of her weapons and tried to stab an officer, police said.

“This person was obviously dangerous to the community,” Hernando County Sheriff Al Nienhuis told WFLA about the blade lover, Nickcole Dykema, 47.

“It amazes me that these deputies were able to take her into custody without anyone being injured.

But some officers were injured later, while clearing the 3,714 sharp objects out of the pointy pad. She appeared to have “booby-trapped” some of her floors, blankets and parts of her yards with knives, and some officers received “minor injuries” while clearing the space, police said Thursday. It took nearly a day to remove all the weapons.

Dykema’s Brooksville dwelling was a true house of horrors — besides the colossal cutters collection, police found chicken bones, rubber body parts, fake skulls and pentagram posters, in a scene Neinhuis described as satanic, Bay News 9 reported.

Police came to the home to serve an arrest warrant for felony probation violation and carrying a concealed weapon. When officers arrived, they saw her staring at them through a broken window. She cursed at officers and told them to leave, refusing orders to come outside, police said.

After officers forced entry into the darkened home, she tried to attack one cop with a machete, missing his head by inches and resisting a bean bag another officer fired at her.

Dykema then ran into another room, which had at least 500 knives in it, and hid under a blanket with several swords, until police used a Taser to detain her, authorities said.

No one was injured during the blade raid. The knife nut now faces additional charges of resisting an officer with violence and assaulting an officer, and is being held without bond.




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