Police Investigating Death of 17-Year-Old Student at Centreville High School

Police Investigating Death of 17-Year-Old Student at Centreville High School

Fairfax County police said Alexia Springer, a junior at Centreville High School, was found dead early Tuesday morning at her home. Police initially tied her death to heroin, a claim the family denies.

“I said I am right around the corner and asked is she ok. He said, you just need to come home and I knew that something terrible had happened.”

Her middle daughter, 17-year-old Alexia Springer had been found dead in her bedroom of apparent drug overdose.

“That is my baby sister and it kills me that when people hear her name it’s going to be associated with drugs and heroin and she’s never done it in her whole life,” said her older sister, 19-year-old Devin Springer.

The girl’s mother Powell said, “I can’t even imagine that I can’t touch her ever again because of some guy giving her drugs.”

Springer was a junior at Centreville High School. She was a homecoming princess studying to be a dental hygienist. Monday evening, her family explains, she went to a small birthday gathering at a friend’s home. They’re told she was drinking and that someone gave her a powder which she inhaled.

“This was in a family’s home. The parents were there. This happened in a basement in a bathroom, the parents were upstairs,” exclaimed Springer’s mother.

When her daughter came home, the family says she texted back and forth with her boyfriend, and then went to sleep. She never woke up.

“She didn’t even know what she was taking. She wasn’t that kind of girl,” said her mother.

“She had no idea at all. She was having fun with her friends. This was never supposed to happen,” said her older sister Devin.

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