Police Searching for Mistress who Chopped off Her Lovers Penis

Police Searching for Mistress who Chopped off Her Lovers Penis

A cheating husband had his manhood hacked off by his furious mistress after she flew into a rage when he refused to leave his wife.

The 50-year-old victim was seen running through the streets screaming for a doctor with blood pouring from his groin and down his thighs after his secret lover sliced off his penis.

The businessman, identified only by his surname Liu, had gone to a hotel expecting one of his regular intimate encounters with his mistress – who is 30 years younger than him.

According to reports in China, the couple had begun sleeping with each other five years earlier, and Liu had continually pledged to leave his wife for the younger woman.

After checking into the hotel in Hangzhou, the woman, who is still on the run and has been identified only by her surname Zhang, again began quizzing Liu about leaving his wife – who, it is claimed, lived a separate life to her husband.

The mistress then demanded her wealthy lover make a decision, but police believe Liu knocked this demand back – sending the young woman into a bloodthirsty rage.

Police Searching for Mistress who Chopped off Her Lovers Penis
Hunt: Police are still trying to trace the mistress following the attack

Other guests at the hotel reported hearing quarrelling before a horrifying scream was let out.

Upon looking out of their doors, they saw the businessman racing down the corridor with his underwear half on and blood spewing out of where his penis should have been.

Staff then spotted Liu in the lobby, covered in his own blood, before he burst out of the main doors and into the busy street screaming for a doctor.

An unidentified employee at the hotel said the incident happened at around 2.30 pm, when she had also heard screaming coming from the pair’s hotel room, after which she first saw a young woman quickly exiting the room.

CCTV images appeared to show the woman walking down stairs holding what looked like a pair of scissors.


Police Searching for Mistress who Chopped off Her Lovers Penis
Gruesome: A staff member claims they walked into the room after the attack and found the carved off penis on the bed

One staff member told how she then went into the room from where he had fled – and made a grisly discovery.

She said: “I went into the room and there was a pair of a scissors on the bed, and a severed penis lying on the bed.”

Local media also published a screenshot of a police report, in which Zhang is being sought for “cutting off victim’s reproductive organ”.

Her current whereabouts is apparently unknown.

Police have declined to comment on whether Liu’s penis was reattached, saying they were only appealing for help in tracking down the alleged attacker.


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