Pontiac Silverdome To Be Destroyed

After a six month effort to try and sell the building the Pontiac Silverdome will be demolished in 2016. The site used to be home to the Detroit Lions up until their 2002 season when they relocated to Ford Field in downtown Detroit. The building cost a pretty penny to build, almost $56 million to be exact, back in the 70’s and has housed many memorable events over the years. From the Super Bowl to the NBA Finals and even WWE’s marquee event, Wrestlemania, many grand events have graced the stands at this now defunct location.

The building will be demolished to make way for residential, commercial, retail and industrial developments. Triple Investment Group purchased the Silverdome from the city of Pontiac for only a fraction of the amount it cost to build. The building hasn’t been used in some time and currently will sit in disrepair until it’s schedule demolition date. The latest issue with the building resulted in the memorable roof collapsing during a snow storm in 2013.

It’ll be a sad send off for one of the older stadiums in existence. The resulting developments will create new jobs, new business opportunities and new housing for hundreds of Michigan dwellers. Out of the old will come the new.

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