The Price For Standing Up Against Discrimination, More Discrimination
'A Day Without Immigrants' Promises A National Strike Thursday LM Otero/AP

The Price For Standing Up Against Discrimination, More Discrimination

More than 100 workers were reported to be fired for not showing up to work to partake in “A Day Without Immigrants”.

Immigrants from restaurant staff to construction workers are now jobless for staying home on February 16th, as reported by BBC News.

“A Day Without Immigrants” was a protest to capitalize how immigrants contribute to the United States.

One employer told CNN his staff would have to “pay the price” for standing up for what they believed in.

Serowski, founder of JVS Masonry in Commerce City, Colorado had fired them all with “no regrets” when foreman and some 30 bricklayers failed to show up for work.

“They were warned, ‘if you do this you’re hurting the company, and if you go against the team you’re not a member of the team’,” he was quoted as saying.

But Serowski said it was a slap in the face to people like himself, who have long supported immigrant labor. He said he’s known many of his employees for nearly two decades and has made sure they were paid, even when he did not have work for them, according to CNN.
“I’ve gone above and beyond for these people,” he said. “No one is going to dictate how my company is run.”

Twelve restaurant workers in Tulsa, Oklahoma had lost their jobs as well, as reported by Fox News and 18 employees at a commercial painting company in Nolensville, Tennessee, according to NBC.

Though many of these workers were warned ahead of time if failure to show up to work would conclude in being terminated. The consequences were presented, but a will to stand up against discrimination for these immigrants was far too strong.

In a news conference last week, Trump said he would deliver a new executive order after the US courts blocked his previous attempt to bar the entry of immigrants from Muslim-majority countries.

This only fuels the increasing amount of protests nationwide of those who support immigrants, refugees, and Muslim Americans.

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