Priyanka Chopra Third Most Followed Asian Woman on Twitter

Priyanka Chopra is orginally a Bollywood actress. She won for Miss Universe back in 2000 and debut in Bollywood film in The Hero in 2003, which was followed by her appearance in movies like Andaaz in 2003 as well and then Aitraaz and Don in 2006. She became a global sensation when she proved multi-talented and released In My City featuring in 2012 and followed by releasing Exotic, which featured Pitbull. She presently starts in “Quantico,” which debuted in earlier this year and she was cast in as of February 2015.

Chopra has appeared in many suggestive roles in Bollywood movies, and can be seen as such in “Quantico” and thus there is controversy over how she portrays her life outside of cinema and inside of it as well. Nonetheless, Chopra has turned into a global phenomenon and a voice for the South Asian community, which is comprised of different walks of life, such as religions, like Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam and nationalities, like Indian and Pakistani. She champions gender equality along with human rights, education, and the environment.

She is a vocal Indian sensation, and is part of the global phenomenon Bollywood has become. Being one of the most popular celebrities in Bollywood, she is on the road to more and more success. She has about 12 million followers on her Twitter account, which puts her up against other Bollywood celebrities like fellow actress Deepika Padukone, who reportedly has more followers at 12.5 million followers on Twitter. Who will win?

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