Qatar Offshore Rig Catches Fire, 6 Workers Injured

Qatar Offshore Rig Catches Fire, 6 Workers Injured

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates–An offshore rig, managed by a Qatar-based drilling company, erupted in flames on Monday, injuring six workers. This incident marks the second disruption in this past year.

Gulf International Service, owned partly by state-run Qatar Petroleum, announced the fire at its GDI-3 rig in a statement on the Qatar Stock Exchange. It detailed the plans for the future, saying that they had been preparing to relocate to the Gulf Drilling International rig and quickly repair the damage.

“Injured personnel consisting of six GDI employees were immediately transported to nearby hospitals and most of them (were) discharged after having received treatment,” the statement said.

The statement did not include details about when the fire began, how the fire started, where the rig was, or how much money it will cost to repair the damages. Officials on Monday did not immediately address concerns or respond to email inquires. Further, the company did not respond to telephone calls during the time period following the incident. Qatar News Agency did not report the fire.

Shares in GIS dropped 2 percent Monday on the Qatar Stock Exchange to close at 37.45 Qatari riyals ($10.28).

“This is the second major incident to strike a GIS rig,” Reports The Associated Press. In July 2015, the relatively new Qatari offshore rig, Rumailah, suffered the damage inflicted by a flood of al-Shaheen oil in Qatar’s northeastern coast. Norway’s Aftenbladet newspaper published very descriptive photos of the event, showing the “unit listing partially submerged after it collapsed into the water, its legs bent at an angle and small orange boats at its side,” However, no one was injured in that incident.

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