Republicans Force Library Of Congress To Use The Pejorative Phrase “Illegal Aliens” In Official Documents

The House Of Republicans has become like a distant family member who refuses to say anything that would be deemed politically correct. You know, the type of family member who says, “I don’t care what they prefer, to me and everyone else I learned history with, they’re called INDIANS!” You know, those family members. Because as of today the House Of Republicans has forced the Library of Congress to refer to non documented citizens as “illegal aliens”.

As propagandist as that may sound, the Library of Congress virtually has no choice in the matter. Although the phrase has been deemed wildly pejorative prominent Republicans in the senate who pushed for this measure to move forward deemed, “the extent [of using the term illegal aliens] is practical, the committee instructs the library to maintain certain subject headings that reflect terminology used in Title 8 of the United States code.”

Prominent republicans have deemed this measure as a way of maintaining the language used within the United States Code. But if the US Code has phrases within it that are completely discriminatory, shouldn’t we phase them out, especially when it entails to the permanent documentation of such phrases? I mean, we don’t refer to African Americans in the voter’s act of 1964 as “Negroes Who Want To Talk”. It’s just common courtesy at a certain point. All that the republicans in favor of this measure are doing is sealing themselves within a room that is clearly labeled “Bigots”; In the same way that any bathroom is labeled “male” or “female”… Where which a republican would still stand out front of, checking birth certificates.

So in the same practice, shouldn’t all “ilegal aliens” stand out front enterances to any other locaton that prividives for basic human functions with an “” profile linking every single white American to the very moment they also illegally stepped into a teritiory they didn’t own, to attempt a better life?

Like, it’s only an eye for an eye. Fair and simple. Like in those biblical days that Republicans are seemingly always so down for.


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