Rainbow Doritos to celebrate LGBT community!

I am not a very keen fan of junk food, but I am a considerably keen fan on the entire human rights, equality, and “live and let live” notion. I feel it close to my heart always and it is relevant today to youth and other that are put through marginalizing and dejecting situations of fear of not being accepted and so on.


Anyway, the popular chips brand, Doritos are now not only a favorite type of snack for youth, but has a message being marketed as well, and this is a very bright message! The new rainbow color of the chip promotes LGBT youth to feel proud of themselves. On the bag of this new chip, which is of “Cool Ranch” flavor of the chip, it says “Nothing is bolder than being yourself.”


The message is not only to promote being yourself and being comfortable with who you are, but is also to show LGBT youth that it does get better, which is the “It Gets Better Project’s” mission statement; this is also where all the funds will go, according to Sarah Spigelman Richter’s article on Mashable.com.


According to Richter at Mashable.com, the rainbow-colored junk food item is available only online and is ten dollars.


Even though, as I stated, junk food is really not my thing, I am proud and overjoyed that the treats are helping the LGBT youth be themselves and celebrating the notion and existence of LGBT people. The message that relates from here is to be your awesome, unique self, and not to let others put you down over it!

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