Real Madrid Forward Arrested In Blackmail Case

I guess arrests happen in futbol as well.


France and Real Madrid forward Karim Benzema was arrested on Wednesday in regards to a blackmail case involving himself and another soccer player over a sex tape. According to a police official the authorities are trying to figure out what role Benzema played in the blackmail attempt against Lyon player Mathieu Valbuena. This is not Benzene’s first run in with the law. Back in 2010 he was confronted with charges against him for soliciting an underage prostitute. The case lasted for a number of years before being put to rest.


It’s become more commonplace to hear about things of this nature in the sports world, but the international sport of futbol has been put under the spotlight due to recent negativity towards FIFA and it’s handling of its high ranking members. National football has always had it’s share of problems and will continue to do so without proper programs in place to help keep players on the straight and narrow. It isn’t completely beyond the scope of international players to have personal involvement in extracurricular activity, but with the platform they are on the world takes their actions to heart more so than the actions of a national player given the circumstance.


We’ll see if anything comes of this investigation.

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