Recalling X- Girl the ’90s Riott Grrrl Inspired Label



X- Girl was cofounded by stylist Daisy von Furth and Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth during the ’90s as a side project with Eli Bonerz ,cofounder of X-large-Boy clothing line .It was first established in lower New York during the ascension of significant fashion names like Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs.

The X-Girl short term clothing brand once had an established store in Lafayette street,located in New York City’s lower Manhattan,at a time where fast fashion mules had not yet overthrown local boutiques due the large commercial corporations of today.

X-Girls flourished during a time  in fashion that was characterized by baggy street wear and grungy clothing style.X-Girl  in opposition offered something with a more casual,closer fitting ,French girl aesthetic with a resemblance to ’70s fashion.

Kim Gordon said in her book ,Girl In a Band,  that her style inspiration for the brand had derived from style icons of the nouvelle vague cinema stars like Jane Birkin ,  Anna Karina  as well as Anita Pallenberg during mids ’60s to ’70s.

The X-Girl’s graphic t-shirt art was designed by graphic designer and filmmaker Mike Mills,who helped them design  classic scoop neck ’70s t-shirts and Levi’s boot cut jeans that were specially designed to flatter all body types.While Susan Cionciolo helped around as an assistant selecting fabrics and design ideas.

The X-Girl  graphic logos were recreation of  widely known logos like the  Harvard logo that was substituted with the X-Girl prep and the pineapple logo from Round Hill Resort in Jamaica ,as it was part of the preppy-French chic look it endorsed.

X-Girl catalogue designer and fashion show producer, Sofia Coppola ran a guerrilla style fashion show in SoHo for X-Girl .The show was presented during fashion week on a public strX-Girl cat walkstreet ,right after Marc Jacobs’ which adhered to a larger recognition of X-Girl.

The X-Girl also grew their fan base internationally by opening with a fashion show before a Beastie Boys gig in Tokyo ,Japan.

Also around the same time they filmed a short Goddard-ian film in which they had actress and model Chloel Sevigny,going around asking models and other fashion names about a fictional character, in a spy like manner which they presented to fashion magazine editors for publicity.

Unfortunately its cofounders ,Gordon and Furth could not manage the label at the time do to personal reasons.The X-Girl only now proceeds in its short legacy that was sold to B’s International,a Japanese company that is no longer relevant to the original aesthetic of the brand yet holds the same name.


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