A Response in Corp. Responsibility–True-Driver-Monitoring

True-driver-monitoring is a response to safety and economic demands. Ideally, logistics has to keep track of what is on the road, along with who is in the warehouse. Today’s drivers are equipped to monitor and behave within their environment; frankly, while providing enough input that fills desk draws and files cabinets with ease. However, technology does provide a means to compress data and information into a report that has enabled trucking fanatics to applaud the efforts. True driver monitoring…


From the Company’s Perspective…


Companies need to understand who they are putting on the road with their equipment and supplies on their behalf. Driving behaviors and personal leisure are essential to valid and comprehensive allegations when it comes to hiring and attaining a driver (i.e. hire a driver that is a professional in spirit).

Additionally, staff members frequently tend to review their driver’s MVR to rank drivers’ safety profile; which directly affects bonuses and any extra mile pay. Conversely, multitudes of investors require analyzing the potential hundreds of thousands of dollars in relation to lost revenue, legal costs, an increase in insurance rates, and an increase in overall risk. In relation, technology that is combined with today’s data, frames each company with the reality of its corporate-socially-responsible behaviors (i.e. the safety of the fleet and the communities abroad).


Utilize True-Driver-Monitoring Systems to Make Your Drivers and Communities Safer


The U.S. Department of Transportation requires the company to pull Motor Vehicle Records (MVRs) once a year for commercial drivers. This in turn assists investors and companies to meet mandatory regulatory requirements. Basically, this records and reports the driver’s (over-the-road) performance. Chiefly, once a year isn’t enough. A driver’s MVR is available for approx. $9 each; however, that may not be a good bargain. Fortunately, a monthly frequency is available for the business.


Employers Now Monitor Drivers the Way They Should Be…


Reduce the Risk of Employees



Be alerted to MVR reports that have poor driving records; keep that kind of information from becoming lost along the way, until it is too late. In brief, true-driver-monitoring MVRs cancel the need to pull and evaluate drivers’ records on a regular basis. As featured a true-driver-monitoring system reports directly from the states participating DMVs that have access to changing the drivers’ records; which particularly involves notifying employers of any changes in real-time.

Alerts include:

Any newly issued driver citations, suspensions, speeding tickets, DUI (DWI), and needless driver’s license expiration are efficiently reported from certain states that are under this type of technology. Furthermore, as mentioned, there are about several states that participate (see list below).

However, non-participate states provide automated MVR checks that run quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. In relation this True-driver-monitoring system does free up time by reducing administrative duties for the company–most companies upload driver records each year.


True-Driver-Monitoring MVR System Benefits

  • A cost-effective, in comparison to running MVRs on a consistent basis–pay an MVR fee once; then, be notified of violations
  • Ability to access online updates on any new violations or incidents
  • Monthly reports in detail
  • The convenience of ordering new MVRs (directly)
  • Bulk upload available for companies with large fleets


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