Rihanna Doesn't Care if you See Her Drinking From a Flask at the Grammys

Rihanna Doesn’t Care if you See Her Drinking From a Flask at the Grammys

Awards shows have a tendency to be long, drawn-out affairs. And while it’s an honor to attend, even the stars themselves need to find a way to spice up their night out. Rihanna, nominated for eight awards at Sunday night’s Grammys, certainly wasn’t going to let her evening get dull. Instead, the notorious party expert prepared with a bedazzled flask, which she and a friend were spotted casually sipping from in the middle of the evening’s over-three-hour broadcast.

It’s unclear if Ed Sheeran, seated next to her, got in on the fun. But as usual, casual drinking hero Rihanna shows us how it’s done.

There’s also footage of Rih mouthing out “I think it’s time for a shot,” appropriately enough.

And finally, someone captured her on her phone, potentially FaceTiming, and clearly having an absolute blast. Looks like the flask trick worked!

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