Rio Olympics: Andrew Bogut Slams IOC For Poor Olympic Village Living Conditions

Rio Olympics: Andrew Bogut Slams IOC For Poor Olympic Village Living Conditions

Andrew Bogut, who will play for the Australian men’s basketball team in the Rio Olympics, slammed the International Olympic Committee (IOC) over the living conditions they are experiencing at the athletes’ village.

Bogut posted on social media how he redecorated the part of their shower room with his hand sewed shower curtain.

The 31-year old center, who also plays in the NBA, posted a picture with a caption that he hopes that they will not flood the place.

This is not the first time that Bogut and the Australians complained of the substandard accommodations for the Rio Olympics.

Aside from the uncomfortable living quarters, the Australian apartment caught fire on Friday. It was noted that someone threw a lighted cigarette on top of some leftover construction supplies which caused the fire. As the whole delegation was told to evacuate the area, the Australian cycling team lost some team t-shirts and two laptops.

Aside from the self-made shower curtain, Bogut also slammed the beds offered to all athletes to sleep on. He also criticized the IOC delegation who are living in luxurious villas located in downtown Rio as to the athlete’s living condition.

“At #IOCLuxuryLodging, we believe a bed is not vital for sleep. Finely tuned athletes can sleep standing up. Will not comment on our delegates penthouse villas in downtown Rio,” Bogut noted.

Bogut’s criticism of their living quarters is not only the problem that the local organizing committee is trying to address. With just a few days away from the formal opening Mario Cilenti, who is the Director of the Olympic Village, was sacked for failing to deliver the quality of the athletes’ village.

Athletes to this year’s Olympics hope to bring honor and glory to their nation as they compete in different sports discipline. Athletes, like Bogut, should be given proper living quarters wherein they could rest and live comfortably as they prepare for their events.

The Olympics has yet to start and already flooded some complaints both the IOC and local organizing committee. Bogut together with other athletes hopes that the next Olympic host would learn from the mistakes in Rio so that it could be avoided in the future.

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