#RiseUpOctober: 3-Day New York Event Focuses on Police Brutality [VIDEO]

#RiseUpOctober: 3-Day New York Event Focuses on Police Brutality [VIDEO]

Thousands marched through the streets of Manhattan on Saturday to protest police brutality. A diverse, grass-roots coalition of activists and concerned citizens staged the three-day action, dubbed #RiseUpOctober.

Supported by such notable figures as scholar and academic Cornel West and actor Jesse Williams, the movement condemns a state-sanctioned system that they say endorses campaigns of “police terror” in poor communities and especially in communities of color.

Because of the hard work of the Black Lives Matter movement, victims such as Travyon Martin, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice and Sandra Bland have become household names. Coalition groups such as Stop Mass Incarceration are building on this growing political consciousness to expand the movement against “police terror” in communities of color.

At least 100 families who lost a family member through police violence were said to have attended the events. Saturday’s march, from Manhattan’s Washington Square Park to Bryant Park, followed events on Thursday and Friday, including a #ShutDownRikers protest to call attention to inmates at the New York prison who can’t afford bail.

This video from Ruptly provides extensive coverage of the Oct. 24 march:


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