Roads Outside Trump's Arizona Rally Blocked

Roads Outside Trump’s Arizona Rally Blocked

In typical anti-Trump fashion, demonstrators are seriously upping their ante – with an Arizona highway blocking incident. The protest comes as no surprise after Donald Trump strengthened his lead in the series of primaries last Tuesday.

Leave to the protesters to embolden the tenacity of Mr. Trump and his election campaign.

“They arrested three people and everybody else left… They left!” Mr. Trump told a cheering audience. “I love our police, but we should do a little bit more of that, you would have a lot less protesters, you would have a lot less agitators.”

The front-runner in the Republican’s US presidential candidate race was preparing to address a rally of supporters near Phoenix in Fountain Hill. However, 50 protesters took to the highway leading to Fountain Hills in an attempt to cancel the event. But, there was to be no repeat of the fighting and, subsequent cancelling of the University of Illinois auditorium staged rally. And police made sure of that. A number of demonstrators were arrested before the group was dispersed.151229111157-donald-trump-good-looking-super-169

The social media giant is neither shy to controversy nor one for political correctness. A welcoming change for some and a jarring 360 for others given that he is running for president.  So far, his divisive rhetoric has been accused of creating tension among racial and immigrant groups. Some commenters even label his rhetoric as hate speech which he and his campaign spokesman deny. Thus, protestors have taken it upon themselves to mar the rallies of the billionaire.

On 12 March, Mr. Trump was rushed by a man, while he spoke on a stage in Ohio. However, the man was blocked by Secret Service agents. In another incident, a Trump supporter at a campaign rally in North Carolina was charged with assault after multiple videos showed him punching a protester.

We can’t wait to see how Trump does in the March 22 primaries? After all, Arizona is definitely crucial as the winner takes all 58 delegates at stake.

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