Rob Kardashian Betrays Kardashians by Dating Blac Chyna?

Did Rob Kardashian just betray his sisters in the Kardashian-Jenner family? It might be so, at least I would believe his sisters, Khloe and Kylie think so. Rob Kardashian is now confirmed to be dating Blac Chyna. His sisters certainly do not agree with this move, and the only Kardashian brother, who is also the youngest excluding the Jenner half-sisters.


The 28-year-old Kardashian brother is treading on turbulent waters with his sisters now, as Khloe, especially is feeling betrayed by this maneuver on Rob’s behalf. Khloe is reported to have felt betrayed due to the fact that she has always stuck up for Rob and helped him when he needed it.


He is dating Chyna who does not have the most pleasant past and the best terms with the Kardashians. Yes, she definitely was friends with the family before, but then when Kylie began to date Tyga, who is Chyna’s ex-fiancee, the friendship turned into something quite the opposite, and it went awry, according to Aurelie Corinthios at The Kardashians, and as aforementioned, particularly Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, are angry.


They are increasingly angry at the prospect that, according to an internet meme, Chyna could mother then next Kardashian baby. There was also a picture of the sisters, above which it said, “You don’t go against the family.” Rob did, and the question now is, will he face some dire consequences and possibly even regret this move he made, literally, moving into Chyna’s residence, or will he enjoy this drama he caused? Sources are controversial on this and now we shall watch this unfold. The uncertain future of the Kardashian family is once again in question.


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