Robin Thicke Makes Out With 20 Year Old Sweetheart on Plane Irritating Travelers

It wasn’t too long back that Robin Thicke was a hot item, revered by both fans and his hovering wife, Paula Patton.

Be that as it may, goodness, what a distinction two years can make.

Nowadays, Thicke and Patton are separated, regardless of his numerous open, humiliating endeavors to win her back. (There’s just so much philandering a young lady can take.)

Add to that the way that Thicke has lost millions in the wake of being sued by the group of Marvin Gaye for ripping off his one hit (“Obscured Lines”) from the late soul legend, and its difficult to consider another star who’s fallen as such, so quick.

Be that as it may, by the day’s end, Thicke is still rich (His father is celebrated internationally TV performing artist Alan Thicke.) and still popular (regardless), which implies there are still appealing young ladies who need to lay down with him, and the 38-year old father obviously needs the entire world to know it.

Page Six reports that Robin and his 20 year old sweetheart, April Love Geary, about had a furious horde staring them in the face when their in-flight PDA session kept different travelers from boarding on a late flight.

April Love Geary is Robin Thicke’s girlfriend. The 20-year-old model is roughly half his age.
Robin Thicke Makes Out With 20 Year Old Sweetheart on Plane Irritating Travelers



“He was remaining in the passageway as individuals sheets, hanging over to make out with her,” one witness grumbled. “He was hindering the way. She was chuckling. It was unpalatable. He was much the same as, ‘Gracious, too bad.’ He knew he was being problematic irritating travelers.”

Stunning. It’s sufficiently irritating when you’re stuck behind somebody who’s attempting to pack a sack they clearly should’ve registered with the overhead bin.

Will you envision being held up by a douchey celeb in light of the fact that he needs the world to see him makeout with his scarcely lawful sweetheart?

We’re speculating the main reason Robin is still with is that the majority of the individuals he irritated had quite recently been screened for weapons.

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