Russian Man Arrested For Believing There Is No God

A Russian man has been sentenced to spend a year in jail after he declared that there is no god on the internet. You know, Russia is pretty old fashioned, but if every person who did something on the internet that an Orthodox god would be angry about, we would run out of people to do the actual arresting because everyone would be in jail.

The man arrested, Viktor Kransov was seen in Russian court this Wednesday. Russian court is just like regular court except in Russian court, jail time serves you. Krasnov said, “If I say that the collection of Jewish fairy tales entitled the Bible is complete bullshit, that is that. At least for me.”

Which is pretty badass, even on Russian standards. tumblr_m369zudAly1r9khx4o1_12801_zps587c3675You have to worry about the safety of your life when you go against the religion of a country where the priests bless the guns.

I mean come on, in Russia if you bungee jumped a thousand feet with just a shoelace while eating fire and and sending a dick pic to your own grandmother you’d be called a wimp for using the shoelace. But if you say there is no God in a country whose churches are decorated like they should be castles on miniature golf courses, people are going to be like, “Whoa calm down, bro. Do you want to die in a freaking gulag?”

Kransov was charged with “insulting the religious convictions” a charge following a law passed after the anarchist band Pussy Riot was jailed back in 2012. Krasnov was also placed in psychiatric care. Kransov was also quoted saying, “Joke is on me. If there really was no god I would not be placed in prison. There must be god, living in prison one has far more freedom than living in the streets of Russia.”

…He didn’t really say that obviously, but the point remains. Russia’s internet laws have receded further and further into the past. Which is not a safe direction for an invention meant to propel society forward. And the religious freedoms as well as the freedom of speech need to be more protected, and people in more liberated internet worlds should speak on behalf of those who cannot. If you find this story disturbing or you pity Viktor, I advise you to look at this picture of him. You may find yourself pitying the foolish souls who he may encounter in prison:


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