Same-sex couple denied marriage license by Rowan County Clerk for 3rd time

Same-Sex Couple Denied Marriage License by Rowan County Clerk for 3rd Time

In a continuing months-long battle, Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis again refused to issue a marriage license to a same-sex couple Thursday morning, just one day after the 6th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals ruled she must comply with federal ruling.

Same-sex marriage advocates lined the street outside the Rowan County Clerk’s Office the morning and afternoon of August 27 in peaceful protest of Davis’ actions.

“We’re not hear to villify her. (It’s) a duly-held religious belief for her. No one wants to dispute that. It’s just when you enter the office over there you’re a government official,” said Rowan County Rights Coalition spokeswoman Mary Hargis.

Davis has refused to issue marriage licenses for two months, citing her religious beliefs as reason.

This morning, William Smith, Jr. and James Yates were denied a license for the third time by Davis’ office.

“Being told, ‘We don’t want to give you a license – you a license’ – you can’t help but feel that you’re not wanted, that you’re not a human being, that you’re not a part of society,” Hargis said.

Neither the Rowan County Clerk’s Office nor Clerk Kim Davis would comment on the situation.

It’s possible Davis could face contempt charges if she continues to refuse to issue marriage licenses.

Davis can still appeal her case to the U.S. Supreme Court.

“This is a civil rights movement. Make no mistake,” Hargis said. “It’s no different from the civil rights movement in the 60s…people are tired of it. It’s all over the place. We’re just really tired of taking that.”

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