Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK® Tablet Technology

If you are looking for a fast Android tablet that is still small, check out the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Nook 8” Tablet. considerably, this tablet is equipped with a sincere display of 8”–the Super AMOLED (2048×1536 QXGA) display. the memory is large enough, sitting as installed-32 GB built-in memory; yet, additional memory (up to 128GB with an optional microSD card) can be easily installed. the cameras are both powerful enough to take efficient images for simple transfer–front (2.1 MP) and rear (8 MP) cameras.

Like most tablets the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Nook 8” has the multi-window feature for convenient viewing. Ideally, the size is ultra-thin & lightweight at only .22” thick and 9.4 oz. In brief, equipped with an abundance of convenient features of technology (e.g. Microsoft Office Suite) the extra battery life is most useful (up to 14 hours of continuous video play). To bundle this device, the integrated fingerprint scanner is also installed to ensure secure access by the user.

An optional keyboard: EZOWare Ultra Slim Rechargable Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 Wireless Keyboard with Stand for Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK SM-T230NU–$59

  • The ergonomic tilted design prevents the detrimental wrist strain can resemble carpal tunnel symptoms.
  • This is a new and contemporary design that appears as cable-free and clutter-free while easily accessing the tablet.
  • The scissor-switch keys make for easy typing–quiet keystrokes that enhance the speed and accuracy with less distraction.
  • There are a variety of shortcuts that are programmed to provide instant access to the home screen and the search screen. Additionally, users can simply show/hide the onscreen keyboard–volume and media control
  • Using the mini travel stand with your keyboard enables users to set up a portable comfort zone, during long work sessions–cellphone is held in horizontal angle only.




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