Sheamus Defeats Roman Reigns Becomes New World Heavyweight Champion at Survivor Series

Sheamus Defeats Roman Reigns Becomes New World Heavyweight Champion at Survivor Series

We have a new WWE Heavyweight Champion! The tournament to crown a new WWE champ ended at ‘Survivor Series’ on Nov. 22. After Roman Reigns took down Dean Ambrose for the championship, Sheamus quickly cashed in his Money in the Bank clause and shockingly snatched the title away from Roman!

Introducing your new WWE Heavyweight Champion of the world: Sheamus! The 37-year-old wrestler claimed the championship in a surprising turn of events just minutes after Roman Reigns defeated Dean Ambrose for the same title. Sheamus decided to take advantage of his Money in the Bank contract and brogue kick his way to the top, robbing Roman of the title!

The audience at the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia witnessed an epic match — and even more epic ending — for the WWE’s top title during the Nov. 22 event. Some of WWE’s newest superstars were ready to become the best in the world, but it all came down to Dean and Roman in the final bout. After Roman speared Dean for the win, Triple H came out to join Roman in the celebration, but ended up as the second victim to Roman’s spear out of nowhere. As if this wasn’t shocking enough, Roman was suddenly met with a boot to the face from none other than Sheamus and a crushing defeat resulting in an abrupt title exchange!

Survivor Series saw the finals of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Initially, it was supposed to be Roman versus Seth Rollins for the belt, but Seth suffered multiple knee injuries at a live WWE event in Dublin, Ireland. Roman’s No. 1 contender status was thrown out and he entered the tournament along with superstars like CesaroDolph ZigglerAlberto Del RioDean Ambrose and Kevin Owens.

Along with the Championship tournament, Survivor Series celebrated the 25th anniversary of The Undertaker’s debut. The WWE’s Deadman made his debut on an episode of WWF Superstars on Nov. 19, 1990. Over his 25 years in the WWE, The Undertaker has won the World Heavyweight championship 3 times, the WWF title 4 times, the Tag Team championships 6 times and 11 Slammy awards.

However, The Undertaker didn’t have the night off to celebrate his career. He and his brother, Kane, reformed The Brothers of Destruction to take on Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman of The Wyatt Family. Bray and his followers attacked and kidnapped The Undertaker following his loss to Brock Lesnar at WWE’s Hell In A Cell, and the Deadman was looking for revenge.

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