Shia Labeouf Arrested in Austin, TX

Actor, Shia Labeouf, known for his portrayal of Sam Witwicky, in the Transformers movie alongside Megan Fox, who portrayal Mikaela Barnes, is also known for his peculiar behavior. Remember the time he showed up with a paper bag over his head, cut out for the eyes and it said the words, “I am not famous anymore?” Yeah, well that same Shia Labeouf has been arrested yet again. This time he was arrested for being intoxicated in public. He was arrested in Austin, TX on Friday during the night hours.


He was actually first seen jaywalking in the presence of police. He then, was behaving erratically, even as police urged him not to. According to, it was 7:45 pm, in their local time, outside a bar. He was then taken to a jail, namely Travis Country Jail with a misdemeanor. Not only was he caught jaywalking, but witnesses, according to, tweeted pictures of the actor being handcuffed!


Labeouf did not have his first encounter with police this time, and in fact; he has had quite a few encounters already with the police. The actor was arrested on DUI, in 2008, when he was only 21, in or by a convenience store. He also has made an unnecessary outbreak he made at a Broadway show, which indeed, also adds to his streak of odd and eccentric behaviors. Let us not forget his newer videos from earlier this year in which he is seen yelling the words “Do It!”

Anyway, if there is one thing for sure, Labeouf has kept himself in the public eye.

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