Shia LaBeouf’s #TOUCHMYSOUL Project Is Brilliantly Vague

Back in November, Shia LaBeouf sat for more than two days straight in the Angelika Film Center in New York to view his each and every film for an artistic event he called #ALLMYMOVIES.

The event was hosted by his Luke Turner and Nastja Säde Rönkkö. And now the three are at it again for their next confusing yet brilliant (?) art (??) event they call #TOUCHMYSOUL.

For this next artistic installment of Shia’s twisted look at himself, the three are sitting in an art Gallery in Liverpool accepting calls from the public.

They’re surrounding a desk in a space resembling Drake’s Hotline Bling video. Their headsets are on and ready to hear from fans. The calls are answered when viewers call the number and say, “Touch my soul”.

The callers then speak to Shia and his team, and attempt to “touch his soul”.

Shia began dropping hints to this venture through Twitter, at the same time each day releasing a Tweet reading “touch my soul”.

He acted in a similar vague yet intriguing manner for #ALLMYMOVIES when he spent weeks tweeting quotes from all his movies. Just like the #ALLMYMOVIES project  will be broadcast live. And by broadcasted live, we of course mean, documented onto the eternal roast that is the internet to be memed to kingdom come. As was the result of the #ALLMYMOVIES event. If #TOUCHMYSOUL is anything like the movie project, it will be strangely enticing, somewhat of a joke, yet oddly touching.

Artistically confusing in a brilliant way, the broadcast has no sound. The broadcast’s only form of communitation is a PDF with their notes on the phone calls. Many of the notes contain mere transcriptions. But they are truly golden: Some include:

 “Art is longer than life, I know I tried.”

“love you so much. ooooh, oh my god”

“I hope you have a great life and you ll do whatever you want to do. I just want to say I love you, I will never meet you.”

“how do we touch each others souls” and,

“we’ve gotta try touch his soul? How long do we have?”


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