Shoreham Airshow Tragedy

Shoreham Airshow Tragedy

Tragedy struck in England today when in the Shoreham Airshow, things went awry and a military Hawker Hunter jet partaking in the show, crashed into a busy road with several vehicles, killing seven people and even injuring an additional 14 people; these 14 are to be treated for minor injuries.

This disastrous event occurred on the A27 road that runs past Shoreham airport, as reported by the Global Post. Police have already confirm the death of seven people and have also reported that one person sustained monstrously life-threatening injuries which thus required for the person to be admitted to the hospital. According to the BBC, the plane was attempting to maneuver into a loop, but promptly failed, resulting in the deadly crash.

An eyewitness, Stephen Jones, testifies that the pilot had gone into the loop but was too low and thus crashed. On Twitter, BBC Breaking News updated the situation and said there were “several casualties”, that some cars were hit, and the A27 has been closed down. Horrendous pictures document the scene and show clouds of thick, dark smoke seen rising in between the trees there, and what has been described as a fireball, reaching into the sky. This was the second incident to occur in the Shoreham Airshow in previous years, as the BBC says.

An incident also happened in 2007 as reported, where there was also a death involved; however, crashes at British airshows like this one are reported to be rather rare. The scene is still under investigation and the Shoreham Airshow has been closed due to this horrific occurrence.

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