Silent Hills Rumored To Be Resurrected As Xbox One Exclusive

Silent Hills Rumored To Be Resurrected As Xbox One Exclusive

Silent Hills, the video game project from Guillermo del Toro and Hideo Kojima that has been beleaguered and believed canceled due to restructuring at developer Konami, may have just found a new lease on life as an Xbox One exclusive title.

The report comes from YouTube channel The Know, who claims to have received a tip from the same source that informed them of the new, cheaper Xbox One model ahead of Microsoft’s announcement. According to the source, Microsoft is quickly pushing through a deal to pay Konami billions of dollars to acquire Silent Hills, hoping that the deal will go through in time for an E3 announcement.

Removal of the Silent Hills demo, P.T. from the PlayStation Store may be a sign that something is in the works. If the rumor is true, it suggests that the game will see release in March 2016.

Silent Hills was conceived of as an attempt by Konami to revitalize their flagship Silent Hill horror franchise, which had fallen into mediocrity. The game features the likeness of The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus.

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