Singer-Songwriter BANKS to Release Her Second Album "B2" this Year

Singer-Songwriter BANKS to Release Her Second Album “B2” this Year


27-year-old singer-songwriter Jillian Banks, better known as BANKS, released her first album, Goddess, in 2014. Her most successful song of the album and ever, “Beggin for Tread” featured a downcast and powerful voice in the style of dark indie, soft rock, alternative R&B, and was positively amazing. The singer, who made a name for herself on the indie music scene, wows with her mesmerizing sound joined by other impressive elements like her deep and beautiful lyrics. Fans of this indie act will be excited to know that she finally has a new album two years later.

Following this album, Goddess, of 2014, which featured a vast array of sounds and songs Banks will be releasing a second, follow-up album called “B2.” She promoted this on her Facebook page with a black-and-white video of her talking and also featuring snippets of her song, “Better.” She has expressed that on this album she is even more expressive, hiding less, which she feels is an new and exciting thing for her.

“Better,” which I first heard in early 2016, enthralled me again. Her resounding and sultry voice again made the song a beautiful and reflective tune with a soft, electronic feel. With a definitely different feel from her song off of “Goddess”, “Warm Water”, it is still akin to it with the powerful vocals and calm, yet resonating sound she offers. “Better” does not necessarily waver from her beautiful lyrics that are conveyed so profoundly by her; the song is intense and is a great start to releasing more music. By the way, the music video for “Better” is up too!

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