Six Arrested for Stealing Credit Card info from Gas Station Pump

Six Florida residents staying in a Metairie motel were arrested July 31 after being linked to an elaborate skimming and fraud scheme, according to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office.
Jesus Enrique Gonzales Torres, 23; Orlando Guillen Diaz, 29; Yoetnis Vazquez Pedrosa, 30; Luis Rivera Garcia, 26; and Juliet Perez, 22, were all booked into the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center with one count each of anti-skimming and computer fraud along with 98 counts of monetary instrument abuse. Yiliam Torres, 23, was booked with one count of anti-skimming and computer fraud and 58 counts of monetary instrument abuse.
On July 31, officers were dispatched to the Danny & Clydes convenience store on Citrus Boulevard in Harahan after a cashier reported finding two skimming devices attached to two of the gas pumps.
“There were cables that someone either defeated the locking mechanism or may have had a key to open door panel,” JPSO spokesman Col. John Fortunado said. “They weren’t visible from outside.”
Surveillance video taken the previous evening captured a mini-van pulling into the parking area and showed a man getting out and doing something at two of the pumps. Crime scene technicians took photographs of the scene and removed the two devices. Investigators believe the suspect unlocked the gas pumps and attached skimming devices to the electronic circuitry in order to capture information necessary to produce counterfeit gas, credit and gift cards.
On July 31, detectives conducting surveillance of the store saw a silver Toyota van matching the one seen on surveillance video pull up next to the pumps. A man got out and examined two pumps, then got back into the van and drove off.
The detectives followed the van and conducted a stop. They found it occupied by four men and two women. Inside they saw several credit cards and gift cards. All of the suspects were taken to the investigations bureau for further questioning.
“It could be an organized crime thing where it’s not just the six people. It’s not just the two locations where they found the card skimmers. They could have painted the city and put it into a lot of other places,” C2 Cyber Securities CEO Nam Nguyen said. 
Nguyen warns consumers to use credit cards instead of debit cards at gas pumps and believes gas stations now have an obligation to protect their customers. 
“If I were a gas station or something like that, I would go out and check my pumps and check my card readers and make sure they are not compromised just to help my customers,” Nguyen said. 
After the alleged crime ring was advised of their rights, several of the suspect refused to cooperate. Investigators learned that all of them were staying at a motel on Veterans Boulevard. A search warrant executed on the van and motel room uncovered several counterfeit cards, gift cards, an encoding machine, a laptop, an iPad, one skimming device and an embossing machine, according to the Sheriff’s Office. Several counterfeit credit cards, gift cards and several cell phones were seized from the van.
There was no immediate word on bond. 


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