Snapchat’s Latest Demographics and Social Media

Have you ever wondered what an app really is? Have you ever pondered the convenience that has taken the world by storm in the form of social media, and, not only that, but technology? You already know this, but the smartphone makes communication accessible and other thing easier as well, like shopping and ordering food. In some ways it also has its disadvantages, like addicting us all to the world of social media and technology-facilitated communication. Of course, this is as opposed to traditional, face-to-face communication, which, personally I think is very imperative and needs to be stressed.


Anyway, as I did mention previously, social media is an expansive landscape for all of us. Here, we can do things unimaginable, and some people have their love for it as some have their own fears about it as well. This one is common and inevitable. That is correct, your parents may join Snapchat! I remember the outcry in the household when my mom and all of her friends began to even join Facebook. They are, indeed, inseparable from it. According to Sharon Profis at, in 2015, Snapchat happened to even attract more users of a certain demographic. According to Profis’ reports in her article, Snapchat’s user-demographic of 25 to 34 years old increased by a margin of 103 percent, where the people using at that are 35 or over raised by 84 percent.


Social networking has definitely become an indispensible part of our lives. Some people resent this fact and others are simply oblivious to it. Whether you post your story to Snapchat, which last 24-hours, post a status or photo to Facebook, a selfie to Instagram, or a Tweet about a pressing issue, you are social-networking. Be aware and stay aware!

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