Social Media Places A Bounty On NYPD Officer For Offensive Instagram Posts

The Internet is our century’s angry mob. It has retweets and social-justice-rants where there were once pitchforks and axes. It chases not after witches and flesh-re-animation-experiments, but racists and people who don’t ship their OTP’s. It has an inkling to keelhaul any and all wrongdoing that any internet inpet users are airheaded enough to post online. Especially those internet inpet users who are in any position of power.

Everyone with a professional job knows, almost inherently, that once you don a blazer and sit in a spinning desk chair, you are in no way shape or form ever allowed to post the photos of your sketchy weekend in Cancun. Or else so help you God, Tressa in accounting, the entire sales department is going to be calling you Tequila Teressa—Not forever, just for the last few days that you’re still employed there.  

The professional world and the internet has a secret agreement to never come in contact with one another, an agreement that police force and misconduct have unfortunately not made as of late. And the internet is here, torches, pitchforks, and reblogs clenched in fists!

Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr have come together to drag officer Langone of the NYPD for a few of his posts on Instagram that offer some horribly chilling insight into his twisted psyche. Instead of practicing his duty to defend the constitutional right to free speech, he has made it know how he feels about protesters and why he really loves them.

free speechziptie

The photographs feature T shirt he is selling with a heart made from zip ties often used to detain protesters. Protesters like those who have recently protested peacefully for the misjustice of victims of brutality at the hands of police officers in cases like that of Sandra Bland, Tamir Rice, Laquan McDonald, Eric Garner, Freddy Gray, and Mike Brown plus the dozens of other Black Lives Matter inspired movements across the country.

Other doozies from this Instagram account feature a horrific meme promoting mass shootings. It refers to shooters as “hoodrats” a term often used to discriminate against African Americans. Despite the fact that none of the mass shootings that have been in headlines this year like the events in San Bernardino, South Carolina, Colorado, and the armed Militia in Oregon have not been committed by a single African American or “hoodrat”.



Said Tumblr user stare-me-down:

This is so disgusting. Shit like this would get some people fired from their jobs, with cause. Or at least hauled into the principal’s office. If the Instagram posts weren’t indicative of an ingrained, corrupt, formally denied out of control and officially sanctioned police culture, people wouldn’t be getting upset. It’s not simply the posts of an individual with extreme police powers that he should never have, it’s the confirmation of the existence of the majority of the iceberg just below the surface.

And this man still has his job? Come on, girls go to school with their shoulders exposed and get expelled. An adult has one joint and goes to jail for five years. And this man can say he “wants to pop off rounds” and we still let him walk around our neighborhoods with a gun? I’m no legal expert, but that gun-toting-protester-harming-hate-spewing cop is more of a life threat than ten unarmed black kids just trying to walk home from school.

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