Spotlight on Bollywood Cinema: Dilwale

Today, I would like to highlight the accomplishments of a Third World Cinema that is known well now in other countries other than India and the United States, Bollywood. I am talking about a movie in particular, called Dilwale.

Dilwale is one of Bollywood cinema’s latest productions that is to be released tomorrow. The reason this movie is special to me is because when I was much younger, a Bollywood film was released with the similar name, Dilwale Dhulania Le Jayenge, translated to English as “The Lover will Take Away the Bride”. It is also abbreviated by its beginning letters as DDLJ.


DDLJ was released in 1995 and starred two of the lead actors of Dilwale, who are also two of the most popular Bollywood actors to date, Shah Rukh Khan, and Kajol. DDLJ also starred Farida Jalal and Amrish Puri. It centers around the love story of two Indian people that were raised in Britain.  In the movie, Raj, played by Khan and Simran, played by Kajol, are lovers. Raj’s father encourages him to go after Simran, since Raj likes her. Baldev, who is Simran’s father and played by Amrish Puri would never approve of this, so Simran’s mother tells her to forget about Raj. Simran and Raj are in love and Simran’s mother advises the two to run away together.


Kuljeet, a boy Simran is being forced to marry by her father, comes to attack Raj and his father at the end. Simran and her mother and sister also arrive and then tries to leave with Raj. As her father, Baldev stops her, he also realizes this love cannot be stopped or hindered anymore, so he lets her go.


This timeless story of love is beloved by fans of Bollywood. I really have been speculating whether it is a remake or sequel and would really like to know. I guess I will have to watch it.


The film also stars rising actors Varun Dhawan of Student of the Year from 2012, and Kriti Sanon of Heropanti, of 2014 in lead roles.


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