Star Wars Land and Cosmetic Changes to Hit Disney Parks

I have to admit that I have been enjoying Disneyland in its two parks in California during its 60th anniversary Diamond celebration. I have been going during the holiday season, when the park is themed for Halloween and then for Christmas time. Of course renovations are taking place, as yesterday when I went, I found that wait times were long and some rides were momentarily closed for refurbishment.


Something that caught my eye yesterday when I took a trip down to Disneyland in Anaheim with my cousin, was that in Tomorrowland, the area of the park that houses Star Tours and Space Mountain among other attractions, there was a “Super Hero HQ” sign by Innoventions.

According to Michelle Baran in 2013 article on, due to the new Star Wars movie that will be on screens by December 18, 2015, and the new Marvel series to hit Netflix, the executives do believe it will increase visitors at the parks. These advances, according to Walt Disney CEO, Mr. Bob Iger, have generally benefitted and grown attendance at the two parks here and then other parks such as the other locations.


According to some other sources, like Peter Sciretta at, Toontown will be replaced with a Star Wars themed area, called appropriately, Star Wars Land. According to this source, it will all happen in 2016, starting with the closing of Toontown to accommodate for the changes that shall take place.


In addition to these changes, cosmetic changes to both parks in California will take place. More can be read  about the plans for Disney’s California Adventure in Sciretta’s article at

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