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Study Shows Rape Reports Spike Dramatically On Game Day

Perhaps there are more reasons than you think that your girlfriend may not be all that into watching football with you and your friends. It’s not that she doesn’t like the food, football food is the best. It’s not that she hates your friends, she actually finds some of them more attractive and palatable than yourself, no doubt. It’s not that the game itself is boring, even though four minutes in football inexplicably takes twenty two minutes. Her disdain for the sport is probably for the same reason why she doesn’t drink tequila: She had a bad, bad, baaad experience with it in college.

Due to a recent study, there is a huge (horrific) possibility that this is true.

Arizona fans cheers on their team during the second half of an NCAA college football game against Colorado at Arizona Stadium in Tucson, Ariz., Saturday, Nov. 10, 2012. Arizona won 56 - 31. (AP Photo/Wily Low)
Arizona fans cheers on their team during the second half of an NCAA college football game against Colorado at Arizona Stadium in Tucson, Ariz., Saturday, Nov. 10, 2012. Arizona won 56 – 31. (AP Photo/Wily Low)

Whether it’s the aggressive atmosphere, the binge drinking, the kiss cam, or the fact that a woman can’t find a jersey for her favorite player unless it’s pink, a tank or halter top, or she is is forced to take off the men’s cut jersey she bought because she “couldn’t name three of Christian Mcaffee’s high school electives”… There is an ignorable peak in sexual assault on big game days at college.

Home games specifically at colleges with major football teams are huge hosts for parasitic sex-criminals gearing up for their blitz on un-expecting, un-consenting women. Sexual assault accusations that are reported by victims who are 17-24 go up 28 percent on days when there are football games at college. Rape reports at Football Bowl Subdivision as typical, top the charts, rising by 41 percent on game days. According to a study reported, theses games are “directly responsible for hundreds of additional rapes in the surrounding area every year” This study was published in the National Bureau of Economic Research.

Using crime data reports from the FBI, researchers dug into the years 1991-2012  at 138 campuses and local law enforcement offices and compared the amount of rape reports on game days to the number on non-game days. The numbers were clear, rising regularly through the start of school and Thanksgiving, to the end of the football season. This is when freshman women are particularly susceptible to assault. Frighteningly worse about this is that the report shows that the main reason for this proof, is that the accused are often people that the victims themselves do not know. Previous studies have shown that 9 in 10 college age women know their attackers when reporting sexual assault. This number significantly drops during away games. However it rises 61% on home games.  

Jason Lindo, an associate professor Texas A&M University and one of the study’s co-authors said, “What we really wanted to do in this study is to quantify the degree to which partying and alcohol consumption actually cause increases in reports of rape.”

The estimates for rapes on game days are a startling 770 (and no fewer that 253) rapes at the 128 Football Bowl Subdivision schools every year. But college is the mothership of booze hounds and debauched partiers, not only during football season. Your girlfriend probably still lets you keep Natural Ice in the fridge even though she had a “bad experience” with it in college, but she makes you watch the game at your friend’s place for a good reason. It’s not just the alcohol that’s the catalyst for these sexual assaults. There is a reason far more than booze that contributes to this spike in sexual assault on football game days in particular.

Take this into consideration: The study shows that schools did not see a significant increase in reported rapes when the home team lost in an upsetting game. A game that, no doubt, had the same amount of booze as the rest. Probably even more, so the guys can “drink to forget those jerks over at USC even exit!” And those sad college bro’s aren’t then bedding whoever just so happens to breathe near them next. Because the study also shows that the games played against huge rivals, during key moments of the season, or resulting in victories lead to a steep rise in reported rapes. These are not sad bro’s just looking to cuddle… These (rapists) are happy, celebratory, victorious bro’s looking to keep the high going. …By committing a most personal crime.

Vice president of government relations for the American Association Of University Women Lisa Maatz  got it right when she stated that the evidence found in this report is not solely reflective of a disturbing problem in football culture, but rather it is a far too overlooked flaw in American culture. “[It] is just rape culture overall, and that’s not exclusive by any stretch to college campuses,” Maatz said. “It’s an important area of research but it does not solve the problem or answer all the questions.”


Absolutely true. There is a correlation that can surely be applied to more situations than just college football, that when done thoroughly could reveal something dark, and something that a lot of victims already know: Power corrupts people, and football is a franchise that caters to the inherent aggressive side of humanity. Non-consensual sex (which is rape) is typically one giant messed up power play. And when that power and aggression left over from the big game leads to criminal activity, we need to protect those who fall victim to it, until something in our culture shifts for the better.


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