Subaru Recalls 48,000 Legacy and Outback Vehicles For Steering Issues

Subaru Recalls 48,000 Legacy and Outback Vehicles For Steering Issues

Subaru is recalling more than 48,000 vehicles because drivers could altogether lose the ability to steer, and the company is warning owners not to drive possibly affected vehicles until they’re inspected.

The recall affects model year 2016 and 2017 Legacy and Outback vehicles that were manufactured early this year.

Subaru told federal regulators the steering column might have been improperly manufactured because of an incorrect setting on a tool. As a result, the steering wheel could rotate freely, but the wheels wouldn’t turn.

Subaru is telling customers to contact a dealer to make an appointment for an inspection. Steering columns with the defect will be replaced free of charge. In the meantime, it’s asking owners not to drive the cars.

It’s not clear whether the defect has caused any injuries. A customer reported steering issues on May 3, and Subaru halted sales of the vehicles on May 9.

Subaru has posted more information for owners of affected vehicles at

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