Technology: Is It Getting Better?

Technology Gets Smart

Technology is getting smarter and easier to use as adults and teenagers get older. This particular utility is starting to recognize feelings, recognize our emotions, and recognize our daily actions that we do, but our technology is starting to know more than we do. Furthermore, in reality we know we can answer certain questions, but we need help from technology to make sure we are correct.

Technology_Is it Getting Better


Trust Technology


According to certain opinions, we cannot trust technology. This is because the technology is not reliable, it cannot give us the exact reason or answer to certain question or to a certain answer. We cannot trust it; however, people believe in it is smart and additionally aids people in life to the extreme in most cases.




Technology is gradually improving day by day. It is getting smarter: New apps are being invented and new phones are being made to fit users’ needs. In contrast, in society–today–people think that this savvy is getting worse; but, in reality it is increasing and improving greatly to fit our needs in everyday life. Popularly, try to fit our technology into our everyday lives to fit our needs. It is improving by getting smarter, getting easier to use, and getting easier to plan things.


Technology Matters


Technology matters greatly in life. This is because… without technology where would people be today in relation to civilization. Frankly, without it, people wouldn’t be the fit society of today’s demand for leisure and economics… wouldn’t know what to do with themselves and their everyday lives… Everyone would have to be reliable on themselves and limited priorities that individuals have as human beings. Technology matters a lot today in society.


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