Is Technology Taking Over Our Social Lives?


Technology Role Play

Technology is now growing and becoming increasingly powerful in our lives. Frankly, it is taking away social interaction and making prospective relationship makers focus on the new iPhones and Androids that are being developed. Furthermore, every year there are about two or three new phones coming out; making them focus on the technology in their hands. Surprisingly, in most peoples lives they focus on technology more than friends and family.




Social Interaction


Ways we can increase our social interaction among our peers are:

  • Put down the phone and hang out with friends and family.
  • Take 45 min breaks a day to go outside and play.
  • Decrease the amount of social media you use.
  • Turn off all technology on the weekends.


Children: Lack of Social Interaction


Children from the age of 5 to 14 who are supposed to develop social lives cannot, because of technology interrupting their development at an early age. Little kids are starting to use tablets and phones for education while their parents think it’s helping them it really isn’t. According to a source, giving your infant or toddler a phone or tablet can disrupt the learning process and their development level. This is because they will think that using a cellular device or tablet will help them gradually.


Improve Children’s Social Development

Concerning children, adults can improve their child’s social development skills by giving them time to play at the park or have play dates. In other words, younger people can use technology only 10-minutes a day to get the needed play time and education they need as a child. In relation, improving your child’s social development benefits them in the long run as adults, by giving the power of protection and security that pertains to people around them (i.e. being socially responsible).

Technology is starting to take over our lives slowly one step at a time. We can improve our social development skills, by staying off the phones and tablets for a while..

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