Ted Cruz Calls Planned Parenthood Attacker A “Transgendered Leftist Activist”

Ted Cruz remains the GOP Republican candidate on the back burner. Probably because he has neglected to make as many insane claims as his party’s frontrunners. Unlike Dr. Ben Carson he has yet to try and prove that he has in fact stabbed someone. Unlike Donald Trump he hasn’t mocked a disabled reporter and then completely denied it. No, Ted Cruz has, up until now, tried not to make insane remarks to the public.

Ted Cruz has elected to downplay the events of the Colorado Springs attack on a Planned Parenthood that took place less than a full week ago. Despite that the killer, Robert Lewis Dear, has been quoted saying “no more dead baby parts” in his defense of the shooting, Ted Cruz doesn’t believe dead baby parts were the reason for the violent attack. Even though Dear made the same argument supporting his crimes that Cruz has used in his opposition to Planned Parenthood, Ted Cruz doesn’t think the two share views.

Ted Cruz has chosen to push Dear away from himself and his party. He’s chosen to push Dear very far to the left, if you will. He has claimed that he believes Dear was a “Transgendered leftist activist.” Speaking with reporters after the attack, he rejected suggestion that Dear was a pro-life, anti-abortion radical. “He was registered as an independant and a woman. And transgendered leftist activist, is what he is,” said the Texas governor. “We don’t know what the motives were, but whatever they were it’s unacceptable… The media promptly wants to blame him on the pro-life movement when at this point there is very little evidence to suggest that. I don’t think we should jump to conclusions.”

Ted Cruz is right. We should not jump to conclusions. We should not assume that Robert Lewis Dear was a republican. And while we’re at it, let’s not assume that we know ANYTHING about his gender identity. This may sound old fashioned but, women typically look out for each other. Woman may be “crazy” sometimes. But they probably won’t decide one day to attempt to murder a crowd of fellow women at the one place in America where women’s health issues are a number one concern and priority.

What more evidence does Ted Cruz need, other than a man now in jail after murdering innocent people, essentially quoting Ted Cruz himself and Carly Fiorina at the first Republican Debate when the question of defunding Planned Parenthood came up? It may be “jumping to conclusions” here, but when a murder swears “no more baby parts” it sort of makes one think of Ted Cruz swearing, “Planned Parenthood officials [are] callously, heartlessly, battering, and selling the body parts of human beings.”



It may be “jumping to conclusions” when we look at a terrorist—who the media has painted as an alienated, deranged, madman and nothing more—and take any of his official paperwork as reasonably sound whatsoever. To suggest that this terrorist is transgender just because of what his registered voting information says is just as half minded to say he was a big Orange Is The New Black fan because he as willingly arrested in the same manner as Tiffany Doggett.

The transgender community is under enough danger, scrutiny and judgement enough without the help of some Texan in a massive government position, and media spotlight, saying that transgender people are connected to a rampant, deranged, horrific gunman.

This attack is still fresh and still sensitive. It’s a delicate issue dealing with the wrongful deaths and injuries of multiple innocents. It is not a soap box upon which republican candidates should point fingers at their opposition, push blame away from themselves, and throw an entire unrelated and unprotected community under the bus for an act of terrorism they had no hand at.


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