Ted Cruz Calls Trump Less Mature Than His Own Daughters

Ted Cruz was quoted whining about Donald Trump being a “sore loser”, and had a near ten minute tantrum where he called Trump names like “Twitterer in Chief”, and claimed that his own children are even more well behaved than Trump. Ted Cruz, who suggested on multiple occasions that he plans on “carpet bombing ISIS until the sand glows in the dark”, said that if Donald Trump were president one day the nation would wake up and realize that Trump had randomly bombed Denmark. Which is horrible, because carpet bombing a Middle Eastern nation of innocent Muslims is just politics, but bombing innocent white people is “immature”.

Ted Cruz has far more maturity when dealing with terror threats like ISIS. His well spoken plan to simply “focus on the bad guys” definitely displayed his mature understanding of the complexity of terrorism.

Cruz quite often displays maturity over Trump (according to Cruz himself) for while Trump is acting like a “sore loser” Cruz is just doing his humble job as winner of the Iowa Caucus of making sure that Donald Trump and all else, knows that he won, and he won deservedly so. Cruz refuted Trump’s claims that Cruz only won through “stolen” time with “some last-minute gambits” and maturely stated in his ten minute “I win, you lose, stick your head in doo-doo” rant that he challenges Trump to a one-on-one debate if the results bothered him so much.

Ted Cruz’s long name calling rant and face-off challenge to Trump certainly showed all who heard that Trump does have the maturity level of Ted Cruz’s grade school daughters. And Ted Cruz has the maturity level of his daughter’s’ grade school bully.

Trump has been called a bully multiple times in this election as well. However Ted Cruz is a worse type of bully. Trump is like the bully who makes fun of the handicapped kid, calls the overweight girl a disgusting slob, makes inappropriate toilet jokes whenever a girl goes to the bathroom, and tries to keep all the different looking kids out of the classroom. But Ted Cruz is like that bully who seems like a good quiet guy, and who everyone in class thinks is on their side just because he hates the other bully just as much as everyone else. But then when everyone elects him class president, he carpet bombs the entire classroom. And every one realizes, “Oh… he’s just as bad as that other guy. He was just saving up all of his crazy for when he was already in power!”

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