Ted Cruz’s Condom Rant Goes Against His Past Political Decisions

In Ted Cruz’s latest attempt to get back in the game with his current competitors for the Republican nominee, he has gone on to say, “Jiminy Cricket! This is a made up nonsense example. The last I checked we don’t have a rubber shortage in America.”

This quote comes from his claim that he does not believe that, nor does he condone, conservatives trying to ban contraception. Despite this new very heated claim of his, he has supported a “personhood amendment” that would criminalize abortion and ban other forms of birth control.

Because of this past endorsement of his, he received a large endorsement to his PAC from Georgia Right to Life.


He’s one of the candidates who has called for the Supreme Court to give the right to decide a woman’s personal health choices to their employers. He did this when he did his best to shut down the Obamacare birth control co-pay provision in 2013. He has made it no secret he wishes to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and has supported the Hobby Lobby ruling. Wherein CEOs for corporations were able to decide whether or not their businesses wanted to cover birth control options for their employees. He’s often been a voice in the argument for shutting down the government in order to cut the funding to Planned Parenthood.

Ted Cruz says that there is no plan in the conservative agenda to eliminate birth control. This, because when he was in college, “you put fifty cents into a machine” and got your condoms. However, he pushed to get rid of the law protected women from being fired for using birth control.

It seems as though Ted Cruz’s latest defense to dispel ideas that conservatives want to ban birth control only goes as far as to say he will still make sure condoms are available. He has yet to shape his argument to include the female body, and the female right to chose what she does with it. And it’s still up in the air if he will.

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