Teen Opens Fire At Family For Waking Him Up To Go To School

A few more minutes used to be enough to get your mother to smack you or pour cold water on your head to get you up and ready for school. But these days with the frightening reality of how easy it is to own a gun, mothers may think twice about hustling their children out the door for school in the morning.

In Nashville, Tennessee a teenager was charged with four counts of attempted homicide and reckless endangerment. He reportedly fired shots at his family after they tried repeatedly to get him out of bed and to school.

“There was a quarrel about getting up and getting ready for the day when the 16-year-old ran to a closet, got a 9 mm handgun and started firing,” said a spokesperson for the Nashville police department.

Man, this kid should be aiming to toss his eventual graduation cap, not aiming to bust a cap in his own family. The boy shot his own grandmother twice and grazed his sister and his nephew who are twelve and six years old. Also in the home at the time were his mother and sister who is two years old, they were both unharmed thankfully. And thank god those who were injured are not facing life threatening injuries. Good thing this kid seems just as uninterested in taking target practice as he is in taking geometry. 

There are no reports yet on if the teen has had mental instability in the past, and his family reports they have no idea of how he had a gun in his closet to begin with. This is yet another reported shooting this year that sparks the conversation on how easily even young people can get their hands on guns and end up harming others or themselves. And the accessibility needs to come to an end. And if there had to be a silver lining to find in all of this horror, it’s that perhaps now parents won’t be too quick with the cold water if they think their kids might be packing heat.

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