Telekinetic Technology: Prepared to Ignite Global Science

The dream of controlling gadgets with gestures has come true as Myo telekinetic armband are in process of testing. This telekinetic technology can be used to control devices that use remote functionality with movement of hand. Small and easy to use device is a step to bring a dramatic change in the field of technology moving from touchscreen to touch-less.

The Years Long Quest–Controlling Matter By Using Mystic Power Transforms into a Reality

In 1890 Russian psychical researcher–Alexander N. Aksakov–introduced the term Telekinesis which means mind movement and it is used to refer mental movement and levitation of physical object. Since then the idea of controlling matter using mind power has intrigued many people who claimed to possess mystic power. The phenomenon of controlling matter using mind gained popularity when many people came forward claiming that they could make object  float in air without touching them. Later on investigation it was suspected that they were exposed to fake mediums or were based on highly skilled tricks.

Many experiments were conducted to find out if outcome of any event can be controlled or affected in a desired way. It was seemingly difficult until the advent of virtual technology But now telekinetic is becoming a reality.



Telekinetic Armband


This revolutionary telekinetic technology which truly has transformed the way humans and computers interact has not been officially launched yet, but owing to its popularity, its pre-order price has been raised from $149 to $199.

This telekinetic technology can be used by connecting armbands below elbow.These armbands measure electrical activity through muscles. It senses the motion orientation and rotation of  forearms and transmit this information over Bluetooth to communicate with technology. The devices which are said to be compatible with these armbands:

>Windows 7 and  8 with USB Bluetooth adapter

>iOS 7 and higher for iPhone and iPad

>Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) and up (device must have Bluetooth 4.0)

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